We are very lucky with our children at St John's and are very proud of the regular comments, emails and cards we have from visitors about our children's behaviour. Our recent Ofsted noted that, 'Classrooms are calm and orderly. Pupils listen carefully in lessons and work well together. Lessons are rarely disrupted by poor behaviour. On occasions when pupils become distracted, staff use a range of strategies effectively to manage pupils’ individual needs. Pupils behave sensibly as they move around the school. They know the school rules and most pupils adhere to them.'

We are embarking on a journey with our behaviour policy this academic year (23-24) and beyond. Our first step has been to introduce three simple rules: Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Safe. We will be sharing more as we move forward to ensure that we have a simple, clear and consistent system to match our high expectations and support those who need it. 



St John The Evangelist Church of England Primary School

Ivy Road,
SK11 8QN
SENCo Mrs Kay Clarke
Headteacher Mr Mark Harrison