Uniform Policy

St John the Evangelist CE Aided Primary School

Uniform Policy September 

As a school we believe that the wearing of school uniform is a key part in creating and

maintaining our school identity. It helps children to feel that they belong, and engenders a

sense of pride. It prevents differences between children on economic grounds and prevents

a ‘fashion contest’, as everyone looks the same.

The uniform as set out in this policy is compulsory for all pupils. Staff will strictly apply the

rules on dress. If a child arrives incorrectly dressed parents will be contacted and asked to

bring the correct uniform into school. If there is a good reason why your child has

temporarily come to school without the correct uniform parents should write a letter clearly

explaining the reasons.

We are confident that parents will continue to support us in our ‘smart look’ and ensure

their children are correctly dressed for school.

Please note from September 2017 Girls may wear smart trousers throughout the year

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