GIFT team

It has been decided that as of January 2022 we are going to change the name of our school council to the ‘GIFT Team’ and we will be doing things slightly differently.

Our GIFT team will consist of two members from each class just like before.

We will aim to make changes within in our school community, so that the children can see change first-hand.

We will look at celebrating each other, which is why we have changed the name to GIFT team. We want the children to see their role within school as one which displays and shows off our Christian vision for the school. 

The GIFT team's first mission is to help improve the environment starting with the school grounds. The GIFT team are planning an assembly and have already begun to clean up our woods! Keep an eye on the Twitter feed for updates. 


GIFT team clean up.JPGGift team clean up 1.JPG

St John The Evangelist Church of England Primary School

Ivy Road,
SK11 8QN
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SENCo Mrs Kay Clarke
Headteacher Mr Mark Harrison